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Giving them a Full Life

Their newborn faces are forever engraved in my memory. My daughter’s eyes sparkled like dark sapphires at birth and my son resembled a miniature blonde Winston Churchill. Just yesterday I was trying to figure out what to expect when I … Continue reading

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A Saint for the Poor, Needy, and Afflicted: What it Means to Be Totally Yours.

  He walked barefoot through the streets while singing praises to God. A knapsack was strung across his shoulders, a hand-carved cross was held in his hands, and a rosary swung from his belt. He erected crosses in places where he preached. He once … Continue reading

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For the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

A saint for housekeepers I was actually very surprised when I read about today’s Saint (April 26).  It is Saint Zita. And to be quite honest, I have never heard of this lady who was born in the village of … Continue reading

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Good News for a Change

Relaxing the mind and soothing the soul? I have heard some say that they have decided to stop watching the news.This is because it is filled with so much negativity.The popular media is often bent towards the scandalous. Some say … Continue reading

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Recognizing a Hoodlum

Whether or not we want to admit it, each one of us is prejudiced and has preconceived notions of how people should look and how they might behave. One relevant example is the recent controversy pertaining to young people who cover … Continue reading

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Help Through the Storm

When my daughter was younger she used to pronounce the word “Thunder” as “Fun do”. However, fun was not what she had in mind at all when her little lips produced these words. Usually the house was shaking and it sounded like a … Continue reading

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Something Must Have Happened

Most people probably would agree that it takes a lot of motivation to accomplish anything.  Motivation can come from within and outside of oneself.  Often it is a combination.  Something makes an impression through our senses that seems to collide … Continue reading

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If These Walls Could Talk

There is no place like home.  I love to travel but always feel better once I am back at my own house and in my own bed.  Perhaps because it is the long journey back that seals the sentiment for me.  … Continue reading

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Roaming in Rome

This week has been a fun short visit to Rome, Italy. We had the opportunity to attend the Papal Easter Mass, an item that most definitely has been on my bucket list. The rest of the week was spent wandering … Continue reading

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Domenica di Pasqua – Celebrazione eucharistica dal Santo Padre

This year my family and I went to Rome and experienced our first Papal Easter Mass. One hundred years ago in the Spring of 1912 my great grandmother Maria Theresa emigrated from Gimigliano, Italy to Niagara Falls, NY. Now, in 2012 … Continue reading

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