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The Champion Picker

My Dad likes to tell the story of how as a kid he was once the champion cherry picker in his hometown of Ransomville, NY.  He states that he developed a technique of holding himself in the tree with one … Continue reading

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Recognizing a Hoodlum

Whether or not we want to admit it, each one of us is prejudiced and has preconceived notions of how people should look and how they might behave. One relevant example is the recent controversy pertaining to young people who cover … Continue reading

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Something Must Have Happened

Most people probably would agree that it takes a lot of motivation to accomplish anything.  Motivation can come from within and outside of oneself.  Often it is a combination.  Something makes an impression through our senses that seems to collide … Continue reading

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Domenica di Pasqua – Celebrazione eucharistica dal Santo Padre

This year my family and I went to Rome and experienced our first Papal Easter Mass. One hundred years ago in the Spring of 1912 my great grandmother Maria Theresa emigrated from Gimigliano, Italy to Niagara Falls, NY. Now, in 2012 … Continue reading

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Where’s God?

I’ve heard it asked so many times.  Someone experiences a tragedy.  Something terrible has happened.  A person asks, “Where is God?”  Then they spend the rest of their life and/or countless number of years blaming God for what happened to … Continue reading

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