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Of Big Foot, Aliens,Stone Giants,and Beached Mermaids

There is a sucker born every minute “There is a sucker born every minute.” This saying has been attributed to P.T. Barnum; however, upon further research I discovered that the actual person associated with this was a deception in itself. It was … Continue reading

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The Red Badges of Courage Worth Remembering

Grandma’s boys Two young men, Lewis F. Darrow and Jonathan C. Darrow, mustered into service August 26, 1862. They were two young men that never returned home to Liberty, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. These brothers, Lewis and Jonathan, were my 2nd great … Continue reading

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Seven Precious Gifts

The other day, my kids and I were sitting around trying to name the gifts of the Holy Spirit off the top of our heads. I can’t remember what precipitated the discussion, probably my daughter’s final exams at school.To be quite … Continue reading

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Another Case of Flesh-Eating Disease

A third person diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis Most major news media are reporting that a third person has been diagnosed with flesh-eating bacteria this month.This disease, otherwise known as necrotizing fasciitis or gangrene, is a rare and quickly progressive infection of deep … Continue reading

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Nine Impossible Causes and a Saint to Overcome Them

In this life, many of us face impossible situations that appear hopeless. Such things can lead to desperation, depression, and even thoughts of giving up. A person may perceive that there is no relief in sight. Such might be thought of as a … Continue reading

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Once in a 100 years Tight Rope Walk over Niagara Falls Soon

Niagara is getting excited.  The first man to walk a high wire over Niagara Falls in 100 years is scheduled to do his stunt on June 15, 2012.  He will walk across on a giant 2-inch cable that is attached … Continue reading

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Six instead of Ten Commandments?

The other night I had a dream that I was at a coffee shop and a man dressed like a pope sat in the seat across from me. He told me that he wanted to be my friend. “Who are you?” … Continue reading

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Today is the Luckiest Day of the Year!

By tradition today is considered the luckiest day of the year! This is because May 14 is designated as the feast of St. Matthias. He was chosen by the remaining eleven apostles to replace Judas Iscariot who had betrayed Jesus.  Although he … Continue reading

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Here, Here, O Israel!

Genealogy breakthrough. This has been quite a busy week for genealogy breakthroughs for me! I happened to obtain the death certificate of my great great grandfather Samuel Aston who had been born in Wales and died in Scranton, PA.To my … Continue reading

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A Saint for the Outcast and those Ostracized

  When one goes to the Hawaiian Islands, most anticipate arriving in paradise.With year-round temperatures hovering around the low 80s, ocean breezes, and tropical plants, Hawaii is the vacation destination for many. In fact, a popular phrase in Hawaii “Chillaxin”,  is … Continue reading

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