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For Every Mother with a Child Who is “Out of Control”

For every mother that has ever had a kid that was out of control. Today (August 27) is the Feast Day of St. Monica, the Mother of St. Augustine. She lived during the very early years of the Church (333-387).  She … Continue reading

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Of Big Foot, Aliens,Stone Giants,and Beached Mermaids

There is a sucker born every minute “There is a sucker born every minute.” This saying has been attributed to P.T. Barnum; however, upon further research I discovered that the actual person associated with this was a deception in itself. It was … Continue reading

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Roaming in Rome

This week has been a fun short visit to Rome, Italy. We had the opportunity to attend the Papal Easter Mass, an item that most definitely has been on my bucket list. The rest of the week was spent wandering … Continue reading

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Doing Whatever You Wish

Love and do whatever you please – St. Augustine of Hippo Perhaps one of my favorite quotes!  Although some might say it scandalous to do whatever we want.  What about rules?  What about regulations?  What about the Ten Commandments?  What … Continue reading

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