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A Saint for Those Thought To Be Unable to Amount to Anything

St. John Vianney: Having difficulty learning and being labeled as slow There are saints for poor students, and especially for those who are perceived to be unable to ever amount to anything during their lifetime. St. John Vianney, or St. … Continue reading

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Where’s God?

I’ve heard it asked so many times.  Someone experiences a tragedy.  Something terrible has happened.  A person asks, “Where is God?”  Then they spend the rest of their life and/or countless number of years blaming God for what happened to … Continue reading

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Forgive Someone?

A comment to my prior blog post on “Satisfaction” asked whether if it was possible to forgive but make the decision to never shop at an establishment again.   After thinking about it, I realize that this is really a two-part … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Heart

..And you yourself a sword will pierce… (NAB, Luke 2:35) These are the words that Simeon tells the Blessed Virgin Mary when she and Joseph present the infant Jesus in the Temple.     Self-Sacrificial Tone A lot can be said … Continue reading

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