A Little More About Hope

If you have not already noticed, I happened to upload an image of downtown Chicago on my blog.  There is a little story behind that picture.  I am fond of it because I took it myself and it was one of those unanticipated occasions to take a really nice picture.  Usually I see something and by the time I am finished fiddling with my camera or I-phone, the window of opportunity has passed.  Like many of my failed attempts at stealing a picture of my kids or getting my cat to pose for me.  But this time I was successful and was able to capture the moment.

It is only a camera phone image but I really like it.  It was not until thinking about my blog that I realized why it seems so special to me.  I took the picture on an afternoon when I was studying for my licensing exam.  It was about an hour after I had felt my building sway after an earthquake that had hit the east coast in Virginia several hundred miles away.  What a strange series of events!  And isn’t that just like life?  That afternoon I happened to look out over the river and I saw the beautiful rainbow emerge over the city.  It was there for as long enough for me to get my camera phone out.

Rainbows remind me of God’s promises, like after the flood in the Bible.  And as such to me seems interesting that a beautiful rainbow appeared on a day when several hundred miles away the earth had been shaking.  And if you have read my previous blog, you probably remember me mentioning those “shaky hills” which had appeared in the Scripture readings yesterday.

“Though the mountains leave their place and the hills be shaken, My love shall never leave you nor my covenant of peace be shaken, says the Lord, who has mercy on you.” (NAB, Isaiah 54:8-10).

What a beautiful promise from God and what a great source of Hope.

I know that there are lots of people right now who are struggling with some very serious issues.  In fact difficulties and crises never come at a good time. No time is ever a good time.  We are too busy trying to live life to have to stop to deal with a problem.  I know that there are those dealing with cancer, broken relationships, unemployment, addiction, financial hardship and many other things.  But in spite that the “hills be shaken”, God’s promises hold true.  I know that no matter what we might be facing, there is a Light that shines in the darkness.  Even as we head into the dead of Winter, the new life is just around the corner if we can just hold out til Spring.  That is like Hope.

When I see this special image, it makes me say, “God bless my city.  God bless the people within it.”  There is hope for all of us.  For some reason, in my heart — I know that God’s promises are true.

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