For Every Mother with a Child Who is “Out of Control”

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The crypt of St. Monica in the Basilica of St. Augustine, Rome

For every mother that has ever had a kid that was out of control.

Today (August 27) is the Feast Day of St. Monica, the Mother of St. Augustine. She lived during the very early years of the Church (333-387).  She was born in Northern Africa and died in Ostia near Rome.  Some details about her life can be found in The Confessions of St. Augustine, written by her infamous son. St. Monica gained recognition in the Church for her quiet perseverance in prayer and patience with her difficult husband and son, Augustine who was a  “problem” child.  St. Augustine, a doctor of the Church, was noted to be a wild guy in his early days. His mother prayed for his conversion and he became one of the most noted Catholic spiritual leaders. St. Augustine was baptized in 387 by St. Ambrose.  She was able to see the fruit of her tears and prayers before her death.  Her husband also was converted before his death.

Discovery of the Relics of St. Monica

I have shared in an earlier blog of my visit to Rome this past Easter.  One of my favorite activities there is to meander around the streets and to pop into the various Churches that are at every piazza.  Every parish has a spiritual surprise. One such precious discovery was the Basilica of St. Augustine which contained the relics of St. Monica.  She is noted to be the patron of all mothers who pray for the well being of their children physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  While there, I found a prayer card to St. Monica.

Prayer to St. Monica 

Prayer to St. Monica
God, Holy Father,
mercy for those who trust in You,
You granted Your servant Monica
the invaluable gift for reconciling
the souls with You and with one another.
With her life, her prayers and her tears
she took her husband Patrick
and her son Augustine to You.
In her we praise Your gifts;
by her intercession
give us Your Grace.

O Saint Monica,
who spiritually nourished your children
giving them birth so many times
as you saw them becoming estranged from God,
pray for our families, for young people
and for those who can’t find the path of sanctity.
Obtain for us fidelity to God,
the perseverance in longing for Heaven
and the capacity to lead to the Lord
those He puts under our care. Amen.

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